An Industrial Engineering PhD Candidate with expertise on Systems Engineering in IT sector and Operations Research.

As a Systems Engineer, worked on several projects for elicitation, refinement, analysis and management of the requirements. Having worked on different sectors like telecommunications, military and public sector; emphasized on understanding the requirements and learning the domain in depth under the changing environments, to provide excellent analysis for the team.

As an Operations Research analyst, developer and scientist, worked in several areas like Large Scale Integer Programming, Facility Location Problems and Global Optimization. Always aiming to solve the larger models as fast as possible, focused on parallel and grid algorithms and parallelizable decompositions on classical and emerging models. Developed optimization software interfaces for PCS Inc. while serving the customers with support and consultancy services as per request.


See my profile for detailed information.

  • Solvoyo Co.

    Sr. Operations Research Analyst & Developer (June 2013 - Present)

    Development of Operations Research algorithms and models for the Supply Chain Optimizer / Optimization Engine.

  • Pinter Consulting Services

    Product Developer / Operations Research Consultant (July 2008 - Present)

    Developer of MATLAB-LGO and EXCEL-LGO interfaces for LGO Global Optimization Suite.

  • T2 Software

    Software Analyst (February 2011 - Present)

    Analysis of various Telco projects for customers like Turk Telekom, Turksat.



Here is a bit of my education history..

2008 - Current
PhD in Industrial Engineering

Bilkent University, Turkey

TUBITAK Scholarship for Graduate Study
2004 - 2008
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

Bilkent University, Turkey

Undergraduate Education Scholarship
Completed with High Honor Degree


Areas that I'm interested in

  • Operations Research / Mathematical Modeling
  • Mixed Integer Programming
  • Global Optimization
  • Parallel & Distributed Algorithms
  • Supply Chain Modeling
  • Software Analysis
  • Agile Software Processes


Please contact me via LinkedIn or baris [at] bariscemsal.net


I will list some of my projects in this page when ready..